Valentine's Day


    February 9, 2018 in the reading hall of the library by I. Franko (Vinnytsia city),  was held an event for children from families, which are attracted to the program of CO «Bethany Social Services». The event was organized by the head of the department of mass work and aesthetic education Tetiana Okhotska and the librarian Iryna Martynenko. Children listened a lecture about the history of the holiday - Valentine's Day, they understood the holiday symbols and learned new interesting facts about the Day of All Lovers. Then, small participants inspiredly created their own gifts for their relatives, because on Valentine's Day you can greet not only your lovers, but friends and relatives too.



Children made hearts from felt that were decorating with lace, necklaces, paillettes. As a result, everybody had their own unique souvenir.

   The event was held in a friendly atmosphere. By its end, the children watched books, magazines and chat.

    The event was attended by nine children.

   "Bethany" expresses gratitude to the administration and staff of the library by I. Franko for long and useful cooperation and  the social worker Tetiana Herashchenko.